fetishes are glorious

i do not endorse fetishes. 
first collage illustration I made for Illustration class last semester

graham chapman is my leading man

Made these for some lovely friends of mine and I positively had too much fun with them. 
I certainly need to find time to make more of these.

I'm a dork apparently

Keeping up in the internets world seems hard. 
These are some magical Lino prints and watercolour pieces I've made within the last few months. I'm really keen on developing some more complex lino's but I'm still getting the hang of em.

mmmm lovely
skys a blue

big tings a gwan

illustrations from illustration class last year. 

acrylic on wood.



A Night @ The Opera

Well well how nice.
It seems I've finally gotten down to making one of these magical do hickeys called blogs. 
I admit I feel a little fancy from it all.

Went to the Opera for the first time ever the other day. Sounds all chic, and I guess it is, but it was not what I expected. It turned out to be pretty neat and I had a rad old time and believe it or not it totally got my creative juices flowing. It is actually the reason why I finally started this thing. It was a nice old time.