cuddle up with me

hello lovelies, I made these pillows back in early 2010 and still have a few available if anyone so wishes to purchase them, maybe for a special someone? who knows. Let me know if you're interested.

They're hand screen printed on 100% white cotton with glow in the dark inks for added fun in the dark!

happy almost december!


one of those days

"dazed and confused"
newbie illustration because i was bored :)


twist and crawl

Here's a new drawing "I'm getting better" that I made out of boredom. I think I'll call her Lola.


hang on to your love

So I made a short little animation at the end of last year that I put up on youtube, but I just recently touched it up and its now up on youtube. So if you like robots and ratatat the click here to see it! Hope you enjoy it! I loved making it. :)

mystic monk

mystic monk is mystic. newish drawing. colours might be a bit grayed, but oh well.



new drawing. nothing special, was just having a bit of fun and it sure feels nice to be drawing again! in hopes of nicer weather i decided to dress this white eyed babe in some summer gear, just need to practice drawing people.


care for a mint?

These are my darling little promotion Mint Tins that I've made to go along with my site thats up now at vivianrosas.com. I'm quite pleased with how they turned out and hope to make more than these three prototypes. But these will do for now. Please head over to my new site for my proper portfolio :)



oh hey guys! Just wanted to let the internet world know that I now have a proper portfolio site for my work! I'm pretty excited! Made it myself in Dreamweaver :) the url is vivianrosas.com


Here Be Witches

This is a print I did last week, and forgot to scan till now. It's for my Edition project. So this one is part of an edition of 10 with 5 assisting artist proofs on different kinds of paper. I'm really glad with how they turned out. So I'm technically done all my print projects for the semester, so maybe I can get some time before the semester ends to whip up some fun prints!


(++++MAGIC CAT ++++)

Here's my newest print, his name is MAGIC CAT. Isn't he sweet? This one is was a Rubylith stencil at first and this came out! First small print I've done in awhile, and I sure like it! Hope you do too!


hark here comes the queen

Here's a new print I've finished called Ventriloquist. I've made an edition of 10 of these bad boys and I'm quite pleased with how they turned out (super happy with the registration!)


new work!

So I'm back again. I've been keeping busy all winter printing, drawing, and enjoying the lovely fresh weather here in toronto. I can't wait till spring :) I've also been interning weekly for local artist Nicholas Di Genova at his studio which so far has been such a great experience. I've been learning lots of business know-how and helping out and about. You can see his blog here and heres a shot of a part of the studio, I'll get more pics soon.

Like I said before I've also been busy printing in my fabulous screen printing class. Here are 2 prints I did recently. The first was done entirely with stencil and screen filler and the second was a photo emulsion print. Actually the second one isn't for class, I actually designed it with someone special in mind (its kind of an inside joke), butI really like how the prints turned out and I've gotten some great feedback for both prints. Both were printed on both White and Grey stonehenge paper. If anyone is interested in one let me know. :)
I think I might do a 'Handsome Shark' series of portraits. Who knows. I just really liked drawing this bad boy. I've also been working on a portfolio site for my work, which I should get up and running by mid April. I'm excited about my own website for sure!! Can't wait. Till then I shall listen to some blur and the beta band and get excited about spring and bike riding weather!


Floating along

Here's a digital image I made for a friend. I hand drew the line-work, scanned it and digitally painted it with my wacom. This is a bit different from my usual work, but it was fun! Maybe i'll try out some more stuff like this. By the way Happy New Years :)