inuk love

finalllly, I'm super excited about being in the EhOK! Canteen Gallert art show this July. Here's my piece for it, more info to come!!


so for my last project for nano publishing I decided to make a catalogue of all the music I've listened to since I was 8. It was so much fun and I ended up making trading card that turned into jacob's ladders! TOO MUCH FUN. all of them were contained in little boxes that had the above print of "Make Us Proud Kid" on em. They turned out great and I had a lot of great feedback. These were also for sale at 69 Vintage and the Small Press Book Fair this past weekend. I'll post pictures of the real thing soon, but till then, here's a sample of what to expect.


here's a snippet of some work I did for a zine I made for my nano publishing class. It was entitled "Bare Hands" and was on display and for sale at 69 Vintage for a week along with work from everyone else in the class as part of Nano Nano 5.