wintery jitterz

xmas pattern i made due to boredom. happy holidays everybody!

without you i cease to exist

winter monoprint fun



IM BACK. been here all along, just been animating. heres a cd cover assignment for drawing class. feels good to be drawing again. this piece started out as a monoprint and i edited it and stuff.


inuk love

finalllly, I'm super excited about being in the EhOK! Canteen Gallert art show this July. Here's my piece for it, more info to come!!


so for my last project for nano publishing I decided to make a catalogue of all the music I've listened to since I was 8. It was so much fun and I ended up making trading card that turned into jacob's ladders! TOO MUCH FUN. all of them were contained in little boxes that had the above print of "Make Us Proud Kid" on em. They turned out great and I had a lot of great feedback. These were also for sale at 69 Vintage and the Small Press Book Fair this past weekend. I'll post pictures of the real thing soon, but till then, here's a sample of what to expect.


here's a snippet of some work I did for a zine I made for my nano publishing class. It was entitled "Bare Hands" and was on display and for sale at 69 Vintage for a week along with work from everyone else in the class as part of Nano Nano 5.


I want to go there

final illustration randomness.

freaks like to show off

final illustration on an article about the freakiest and weirdest museums in the world. Among them: the Spam museum, the Pencil museum, the Pez museum, the German Sausage museum, the Torture museum and the Cockroach hall of Fame.

mix it up with you

Its been too long! Here's one of my final projects that I forgot to post right at the end of school. But its over now and heres to summer fun and art! For this project I had to find an issue to push in a street art inspired manner. I wanted to encourage sharing and connections between strangers in a city like toronto. So I made 4 mix cds, each with a specific theme, or emotion i wanted to share and transmit with whoever picked it up. One to relax to, one to rock out to, one to feel happy to, and one to love to. I designed and hand made the cd sleeves and went around town and distributed them anonymously, leaving some in bike baskets, in coffee shops and food courts. I got to catch a glimpse of some of the recipients, and all i have to say is that it made my to day to just see them smile. Success!


holla gang

i should be painting...


Alive and Kicking

Here are some spots for a travel mag. The first is about the Museum of Broken Relationships. The second is about a town in Sweden that is being moved due to its foundations being on top of a mine thats predicted to collapse. The third is about a Zero-Waste town in Japan who divide their waste into 34 fricken categories! Also, TONED DOWN PALETTE! God thats weird. I miss bright shiny colours.  :(


cuddle army

Here's a little preview of what i've been up to this reading week. These will be up and available for purchase for a measly 20 bucks. Be sure to check these little babies out in all their splendour at the White Cloud, Buttermilk Sky show going on at Hotshot Gallery from March 8th to the 21st. Opening night is the 11th. Hope to see all your pretty faces there!



Here's a poster for the Planet In Focus International Environmental Film and Video Festival. Had to work with the theme of "Biodiversity". FunFUNFUNNNN

Child's Play

Here are the pieces I made for the You Know What Love Is show thats going on at Sleeping Giant right now. The show was sex themed and I decided to explore the concept of the sexualization of child play. This was my first endeavour with Gouache which was fun. I think I'll keep exploring it. Some prints available.
swingers unite
sticks and stones
cuffs for all ages
call the docter

Its all Topsy-Turvy

Here's an illustration for the DVD cover for the movie Idiocracy. Not too sure how I feel about it yet. Oh well. Happy Family Day!


You Know What Love Is

hello all! Just wanted to give a heads up that I will be showing some pieces at Sleeping Giant Gallery again next week the 12th of Feb in honour of good old Valentines day! If you get a chance be sure to stop by! Should be a glorious time! poster cred goes to the loveliest Sabrina Scott!!


Many moons from now..

Here's portrait illustration of the indie soul singer Janelle Monรกe I did for media class. Super fun times making this baby!!! oooooo yeahh

happy weekend everybody!! 


oh hai

Heres my first political cartoon for my illustrative activism class. It touches upon the Burka Ban thats going on right now in France. 


electric bolts solve everything

rock'em sock'em kick them problems.
WELCOME TO A NEW YEAR! Oh god its been ages. 
Here's work for my first project of the school year. 
I was to provide an illustration for a fictitious drug,Solvestra, that "solves everything". 
The top one is what the instructor told me to do, and the bottom one is what I wanted to do.