care for a mint?

These are my darling little promotion Mint Tins that I've made to go along with my site thats up now at vivianrosas.com. I'm quite pleased with how they turned out and hope to make more than these three prototypes. But these will do for now. Please head over to my new site for my proper portfolio :)



oh hey guys! Just wanted to let the internet world know that I now have a proper portfolio site for my work! I'm pretty excited! Made it myself in Dreamweaver :) the url is vivianrosas.com


Here Be Witches

This is a print I did last week, and forgot to scan till now. It's for my Edition project. So this one is part of an edition of 10 with 5 assisting artist proofs on different kinds of paper. I'm really glad with how they turned out. So I'm technically done all my print projects for the semester, so maybe I can get some time before the semester ends to whip up some fun prints!