dem be villains

HI! So last night was the opening reception of The Villain Show. And it was grand! Thanks to all those who came out to support! It was so much fun and I'm super pleased that it turned out so well. Everything looked pretty profesh and there were tasty treats, yum! For those who didn't get a chance to come out last night there's still a chance to go as everything is up until November 27th. Be sure to check it out if you can, there's some really great work up and I'm so happy I got to be a part of it.Anyways, thought I would post scans of the paintings I put up for the show. First of all, my theme was Modern Day Villains. I chose to juxtapose the recognizable heads of famous individuals representing different social worlds, with the bodies of animals representing the "villain's" flaw. The first is Mr. Kanye West. I think I made him look super cool. He is the music vulture, swooping down on others winnings as he always does (*cough* VMA Taylor Swift *cough*).
Mrs. Sarah Palin appears as a lovely purple polar bear, I know, non existent, but I needed to spice things up. She is the huntress, killing off polar bears when they're already vulnerable and soon to be endangered what with global warming. So she's not helping the environment one bit by hunting them. Great job Sarah Palin, and welcome to the world of Villainy.
Ronny McD! Yah thats you! He's magnificently creepy and the face of one of the biggest corporate and consumerist villains out there, McDonald's! Yay! Did you know that the world recognized golden arches will soon be invading the majestic Louvre? Anyone up for a juicy Double Da Vinci burger with a side of frites or a Francis Bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich? What is happening to the world?!!!!
Mel Gibson is the shark amongst, well, more sharks. Haha. I originally chose him because of his crazy anti-semitism ramblings back when he got that DUI, but I couldn't think of an animal that represented anti-semitism! I tried my darnedest and settled for the shark, the intense and insane predator of the sea! Just like Hollywood, but a little more wet.
Lastly is the dashing Tom Cruise. Known for his Scientologist antics and running around jumping on peoples couches. Claims say he thinks that Scientology is a "cure" for homosexuality! Cruise you're nuts! And everyone knows it. He's crazy, and homophobic. He should just deal with reality, and accept what he is.