mix it up with you

Its been too long! Here's one of my final projects that I forgot to post right at the end of school. But its over now and heres to summer fun and art! For this project I had to find an issue to push in a street art inspired manner. I wanted to encourage sharing and connections between strangers in a city like toronto. So I made 4 mix cds, each with a specific theme, or emotion i wanted to share and transmit with whoever picked it up. One to relax to, one to rock out to, one to feel happy to, and one to love to. I designed and hand made the cd sleeves and went around town and distributed them anonymously, leaving some in bike baskets, in coffee shops and food courts. I got to catch a glimpse of some of the recipients, and all i have to say is that it made my to day to just see them smile. Success!

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  1. i love the packaging for these!! and especially love the colours/type you used for "Make Me Feel This Way"! (what class were these for? O:)
    wish i could've been one of the lucky recipients haha~

    hope you heard back from them!