new work!

So I'm back again. I've been keeping busy all winter printing, drawing, and enjoying the lovely fresh weather here in toronto. I can't wait till spring :) I've also been interning weekly for local artist Nicholas Di Genova at his studio which so far has been such a great experience. I've been learning lots of business know-how and helping out and about. You can see his blog here and heres a shot of a part of the studio, I'll get more pics soon.

Like I said before I've also been busy printing in my fabulous screen printing class. Here are 2 prints I did recently. The first was done entirely with stencil and screen filler and the second was a photo emulsion print. Actually the second one isn't for class, I actually designed it with someone special in mind (its kind of an inside joke), butI really like how the prints turned out and I've gotten some great feedback for both prints. Both were printed on both White and Grey stonehenge paper. If anyone is interested in one let me know. :)
I think I might do a 'Handsome Shark' series of portraits. Who knows. I just really liked drawing this bad boy. I've also been working on a portfolio site for my work, which I should get up and running by mid April. I'm excited about my own website for sure!! Can't wait. Till then I shall listen to some blur and the beta band and get excited about spring and bike riding weather!


  1. I really like paper-bag-over-his-head guy. Especially the white version. The shapes are so satisfying!