Macabre Brightness

OK so this is what I've been working on all day for media class. Its a collage and the subject was Crime Scene Investigations. Two of my favourite things! I won't go into too much, but all I can say is that I LOVED this assignment, feverishly. 

In other news, some of my pieces will be shown in this year's Metro Home Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre from April 10-12 as part of an entertainment room design for one the Sony Spaces. I just recently found out and I'm so excited! Its kind of like my first show. Never thought it would be in a home show, but its going to be great! Thats my big news and I'm jumping off the wall!!


  1. holy crap. you really love it if you finished it this early. it looks soooooooo good!

  2. This looks awesome, I absolutely love it. I love all your work lately! Wheee keep it up lady :)

    Also, congrats on the show! WOO!

  3. i love this and congrats! most exciting news i have had all day!