Ruff em up old school style

Sup errbody. Ok so yesterday was a challenging day to say the least. I had to do an illustration/poster for VDAY for concept class. I came up with a bunch of different versions of the same concept. The first one here is the one I ended up handing in to my teacher. He didn't much like it, so I ended up showing him all the other versions I had made for the same project. In the end, he liked another version I had more than the one I handed in.
The second image is the one he liked with some adjustments I've made since class. I have to say, its been awhile since I've made a collage (digital). The last one was my fetish one from last semester. I had too much fun with that one and I knew I would someday go back and make another one. To clear things up, I actually drew and coloured the fruit by hand, they are not photos (lots of people think they are haha). And I used images cut out from newspapers and magazines and a lovely old catalogue of knit wear from the 50s (which has become my new best friend). I love the end products and some of them are just neat. I'm thinking of making actual prints of these fruit headed people, too much fun, maybe even a series!!! Oh gosh how I love making things!


  1. You should make prints! And gimme one :)

  2. i can't believe how cool these are. great job!

  3. yeah, you best make a series, I fo realz like these and their various textures. HURRAH! (I posted stuff on my other blog. It's not super fun, but let me know what you think!@