Cordillera del Centro

To get to and from Flandes I was lucky enough to drive through the magnificently beautiful Andes! The Andes are a famous mountain range that lie on the Western coast of South America. It passes through Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela and of course Colombia. We went through the center range of the Andes. It was so stunning. Every second was breathtaking, looking in the distance and thinking that they went on forever. The roads along it are hilariously dangerous due to a vast amount of curves. It gave me such a rush! The only thing is that the altitude is insane. It totally kills your ears, but a small price to pay for the experience. 

But alas, I am now back in good old Bogota. More tales to come.


  1. I hope you are wearing so many dresses. I miss you come home soon (greiunejkfnkjsa two weeks until crafts). Also I love skins. I blame you.

  2. Hey Vivian!
    it's Daniela (from ocad)...I might be going to Colombia next week and if you are still there it would be awesome to catch up in Bogotá...Let me know!

    Have fun!!!!!

  3. OH man you were telling me about this! it looks amazingggggggg