Tierra Caliente.... a little sunshine

My weekend was spent in Flandes which is a darling small town 3 hours south of Bogota. I got burnt and swam forever. I ate for the first time what is called 'Lechona' which is basically BBQ pig which they adorn with rocking shades and an apple in the mouth to boot. I've also eaten 'Morcilla' or 'Rellena' which is blood sausauge. SO DELICIOUS. Never thought I'd say that.The culture here is definitely different to that of the North. I love it too much. Everything is twice as delicious and wonderful. One of the things that I've noticed and have to mention is that everyone here has a motorcycle or moped. Its crazy! Driving here is insane. There's hardly lane divisions and everyone drives like a maniac with families of 10 in each tiny car. Its amazing!!

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  1. So when will you be back?

    a sincere question from me?

    I didn't think so.