Macabre Brightness

OK so this is what I've been working on all day for media class. Its a collage and the subject was Crime Scene Investigations. Two of my favourite things! I won't go into too much, but all I can say is that I LOVED this assignment, feverishly. 

In other news, some of my pieces will be shown in this year's Metro Home Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre from April 10-12 as part of an entertainment room design for one the Sony Spaces. I just recently found out and I'm so excited! Its kind of like my first show. Never thought it would be in a home show, but its going to be great! Thats my big news and I'm jumping off the wall!!

Whimsy & Mischief

Hello dears,

Happy Sunday! It's just such a lovely day I can't help but smile! I've been a busy bee today, drawing, painting, getting those creative juices flowing! Been listening to Caribou, The Chemical Brothers and Junior Boys. Loving the new Junior Boys album "Begone Dull Care", highly recommend it for those who love them some rad 80's throwback electronic synth-pop. 

Here's a piece I made for media class 2 weeks ago. The subject was 'recurring dreams' and was done in pastels. I stuck with the simplest one I've ever had. A FLYING DREAM! My favourite! Honestly who doesn't love a flying dream? Especially when everything is creamy cotton, colours like candy and when the hills have eyes! Enjoy!

Have a delightful day!


Ruff em up old school style

Sup errbody. Ok so yesterday was a challenging day to say the least. I had to do an illustration/poster for VDAY for concept class. I came up with a bunch of different versions of the same concept. The first one here is the one I ended up handing in to my teacher. He didn't much like it, so I ended up showing him all the other versions I had made for the same project. In the end, he liked another version I had more than the one I handed in.
The second image is the one he liked with some adjustments I've made since class. I have to say, its been awhile since I've made a collage (digital). The last one was my fetish one from last semester. I had too much fun with that one and I knew I would someday go back and make another one. To clear things up, I actually drew and coloured the fruit by hand, they are not photos (lots of people think they are haha). And I used images cut out from newspapers and magazines and a lovely old catalogue of knit wear from the 50s (which has become my new best friend). I love the end products and some of them are just neat. I'm thinking of making actual prints of these fruit headed people, too much fun, maybe even a series!!! Oh gosh how I love making things!



Here is a little piece for a project called Man and his Machine. 
I went for the obvious, man's Brain! 
I had lots of fun coming up with this guy! 
In other news, I went to see Cut Copy at Circa last night. I gotta say, it was a blast! The crowd was intense, honestly can't believe how confusing that place is! But nevertheless I danced the night away! Anyone who hasn't listened to Cut Copy should check them out! They are definitely a radtastic group! Check out their new song Sands of Time!! Its my new fave!! 
till next time. cheers 


Touch Mine Eyes

Fun piece I made last month that got me an A!! Cred to my lovely sister for the beautiful face. YAY


A Nice Day For Racing

Project for Illustration class. Had to do an illustration about the infamous "Black Card" ie. the Centurion Credit card. Its actually a pretty crazy topic. I researched a bit about this card and it's insane how much power a black piece of plastic can give! Apparently, to be an official obtainer of said card one needs to spend at least 250, 000 a year! And its invite only. 
Crazy rich people.

Marker Magic!

experimenting with the madness that is markerrss!!

colour hues


Lovely Beasts Behold!

My teacher gave this assigment a couple weeks back and he got the idea from the nifty Beasts! books. We had to illustrate folk tale beasts. I found out about this awesome guy the Mapinguari who is a legendary red haired ground dwelling sloth from the Amazon. I had loads of fun brainstorming images of him! and painted him in oil! ENJOY HIS DANCIN!


The Effervescence of Your Face

Here's something out of my sketchbook. 
I've been working on these dear children on and off.
I hope you'll dance with them. 
The gourd children of the future have come to play!